Introductions and Rules

Welcome to invokedelight.  It’s a place dedicated to wellness, hair, beauty, travel, health and rabbits.  Basically, I had the idea of starting a beauty blog back in February, after becoming inspired by some of the amazing and creative vloggers on Youtube.  The problem was that the market was oversaturated.

It gets worse each day, especially since so many vloggers have come out as having no other source of income other than the advertisements on their videos.  Everyone’s trying to get their hands on that cash cow, and over about the last two months there’s become an inverse correlation between the number of new vlog channels appearing and the quality of those vlog channels:  For the layman, as the number of new channels increases, quality of videos decreases.

I wanted to share creative, fun and interesting beauty ideas, make up designs etc with people, so other people could benefit from my skills.  What I couldn’t work out was a) what makes me different from all the other beauty bloggers/vloggers out there?  and b) was this going to be a 9 day wonder that I got bored of?

Life went on, I got distracted and moved on.  Recently, I had an epiphany.  I was reading an article by the great Steve Pavlina and I suddenly realised what I wanted to do.  I wanted a complete website that didn’t just cover make up tutorials and reviews, but also covered all the other aspects of my life that might be of benefit to someone else.

After some brainstorming, I grouped these into four broad categories: hair and beauty; travel; rabbits; health and wellness.  Health and wellness was actually founded from my milk allergy, but I decided to expand it to include articles that would be suitable for a general audience, including nutrition, exercise, meditation, and other things that can make you feel healthy and well.  Interspersed in all these are going to be tutorials, discussion articles, advice, lists (love ’em), product reviews and photos.

Some examples of things I am going to write about: how to bleach your hair to white blonde, a review of Rapid Lash (when I’ve finished the 8 week period of time before I’m supposed to see results), how to plan your rabbit’s new housing, how to turn a people carrier into a campervan, the role of Vitamin K in the body, an overview of the different milk allergies and intolerances, travel writing about actual destinations (as well as practicalities of driving to your place of holiday), and much more.

My site is aimed at anyone who wants to know more about those four categories.  Each post will start with “Hair” or “Beauty” if it’s hair and beauty related, “rabbits” if it’s rabbit related, “wellness” if it’s health and wellness related, or “travel” if it’s travel related.

Rules on commenting:

Keep it polite.  Don’t feed back with “hearsay” arguments – if I’ve explained something scientific, and you have opposing beliefs, I want to see evidence backed up by an independent study, not some sciency sounding words put about by a cosmetics company.  You may get lambasted or mocked if I’m feeling pissy when I read any unfounded unscientific crap.

If my work offends you, ask yourself why.  Is it challenging something you thought to be true?  Where did you come by that information?  How secure in that knowledge are you?  Am I invoking a paradigm shift in your thinking?  Or do you have a rational opposing point of view supported by an independent study?  Are you going to remain in the dark or embrace the learning?

Please also be aware that I am writing this for a general audience.  That means that I don’t want to scare people off by talking about the hydrolysis of 2,4,diethyl-whatevers, so I will try to explain my science in ways that are understandable to the average person with a high school diploma.  Usually I’ll link to studies which explain things in more complicated terminology so my science-loving amigos can check my sources and read science to their heart’s content.

Lastly, I’m a busy person.  I don’t always have time to read and respond to comments, but I would like to.  Sometimes I don’t catch them, and will reply when I do, other times I just don’t know what to say or think a short comment such as “nice article” or “interesting” doesn’t really need a reply – just assume I’ve said “thanks!” with a happy smile on my face.  Additionally, I make it a rule not to feed the trolls.  I don’t know what they eat, for starters.

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