[music] Forever Still, an awesome band from Denmark

Do you love female fronted rock bands as much as I do?  Do you feel a little bit sad that there aren’t enough women in rock in the world?  Do you just love a good headbanging tune to rock on with?  Fear not, friends, I have just discovered this AMAZING new band that you will LOVE:

This is a link to one of their songs that you can listen to on their website:


And this is their main page:


They’re a Danish band headed by Maja Schønning, and formed in 2010.  As we all know, only the very best rock bands ever come from Scandinavia.  They write, record and mix everything themselves and, while they aren’t currently touring, they are definitely going to be added to my Bands Bucket List – the list of bands I want to see before they kick the bucket.  The guitar is gritty and epic, the drums are headbangy and the vocals have that clear, ethereal quality that Amy Lee used to have.

I can’t wait for tour dates 🙂

Which up-and-coming rock bands do you like?  Of all the genres of music that I love (which is all of the genres of music, I think), rock bands seem to have the most engaging stuff.

I love love LOVE these guys and you should really check them out.

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