Katie, left and Fifer, right, made a bunny sandwich with another rabbit.
Katie, 3, left and Fifer, 1, right, made a bunny sandwich with another rabbit.

Gardeners in York today were left shocked after three rabbits piled on top of each other to make a bunny sandwich, on what is set to be the most overshadowed Rabbit Awareness Week of the Year, since it has clashed with Mental Health Awareness Week.

The three rabbits, known locally as Fifer, Katie and Sebastian, all of Heworth, York, were said to have suddenly snuggled up at the same time. One local lawn mower, who asked not to be named, said: “I was just getting ready to cut my grass, when I heard a noise from over the fence. I looked over, and there were three rabbits just piled on top of each other, fast asleep. I couldn’t believe nobody had put them on Youtube.”

Sebastian, 10, photo from file.
Sebastian, 10, photo from file.

Jim, 37, was making a cup of tea when he heard the commotion. “I dropped my spoon and ran outside, but I was too late. They had already piled on top of each other. When I tried to take a photo, someone started a lawnmower, and the rabbits startled and fled.”

Pet rabbits have a history of cute behaviour, showing up regularly on the front of birthday cards and being the mascot for Easter. Set to outperform cats and dogs this year, they are the fastest-growing pet in the UK, according to Pets At Home. The overlap of Mental Health Awareness Week and Rabbit Awareness Week is particularly unfortunate, since many people experiencing mental health problems find a houserabbit to be a therapeutic and soothing pet.

The Houserabbit Society warns caution to people newly aware of rabbits, however: “Rabbits need more than just a hutch.” A spokesperson said. “They need mental stimulation.” Clearly, the free range play area offered to these three York rabbits is working wonders for their natural curiosity and social skills.

“Two months ago, they were biting each other’s noses. We had to keep them separated. Now they’re virtually inseparable.” Says Jim.

Clearly there are advantages to living near such friendly bunnies. The anonymous local gardener said: “My kids love watching those rabbits. They keep asking if we can get one.”

Happy Rabbit Awareness Week. And Mental Health Awareness Week. I think we could all be more aware of the mental health of rabbits; and the benefits to our own mental health of having rabbits.

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