Sore Head

I will get back to regular updates when I am more thinkble.  I have a head injury. I am trying to allow my brain a chance to heal, as cognitive function is through the floor and I keep getting blankness and memory losses in the middle of things.  I will still try to get through everyone elses blog posts and catch up on things.

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    • Thank you… although I may have spoken too soon. Am about to go to the accident and emergency department at the hospital as my heads gotten worse and pupils are now two different sizes. And the NHS advice said to go to A and E.

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      • Thanks, my brain’s just gone and swollen itself to the point that it’s pressing against my skull too much and apparently it will heal itself but it will take about 10 days. I am thanking God (and anyone else who is up there) that it wasn’t a hemmorage (sp?). I’ve been told to avoid “intellectual stimulation.” And driving. So I’ve been watching American documentaries because they’re interesting and easy to follow without overloading me.

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