Keeping track of things

When I started Invoke Delight, I would read every blog post of everyone I was subscribed to, and I’d try to comment on them all, although sometimes I just didn’t know what to say (and I’m not so good at making up the “keep up the good work” type comments, they always sound stilted and forced coming from me).  But I’d still read everything, even though I didn’t always click like or comment.

More recently, I’ve still tried to read everything, but the output of some people is astounding, and as time goes on I’m finding it harder and harder to keep track of everything.

So I’m not going to.  I’m not going to read everything by everyone any more.  Sorry.  I’ve tried my best but I’m just getting fed up of constantly being behind and every day I go to bed just about on top of reading everyone’s blogs and I wake up and theres another billion for me to catch up on.  I can’t do it any more.

I will read articles that stand out as interesting.  I will comment if I feel it’s really necessary.  But I won’t catch up on every single post I missed every time I’m AFK for a few days because I just can’t.  There’s too many.

Sorry guys.  So if you want me to read an article, link me to it because I just can’t keep this up.  Otherwise I’ll just read what jumps out at me.

I feel really guilty about this because I feel like I’m letting everyone down by not reading every single thing you’ve written, but I know that I’m not getting time to update my own blogs enough because I’m spending too much time reading other peoples, which isn’t really right.

So please don’t be offended.  I haven’t stopped speaking to anyone or unfollowed anyone.  I’m just reading less stuff across the board and trying to feel less personally responsible for everyone else’s wellbeing.

Here’s a picture of some bunnies (Katie (ginger), Fifer (brown) and Sebastian (grey)):

Look at the bunnies... become one with the bunnies... the bunnies are all...
Look at the bunnies… become one with the bunnies… the bunnies are all…

5 responses to “Keeping track of things”

  1. I don’t read everything, I can’t. What I do have, is a separate list within my wp reader, that contains the bloggers I always want to read. I don’t always manage to keep up with it, but the theory is that I go through that list first and then browse the general list.

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    1. I thought it must have a function like that but buggered if I could find it. I gave up on wp reader weeks ago because mine just isn’t user-friendly, so I use Feedly because it lets me group things, and I’ve got about 30 I’ve marked as “unmissable” but some people update ten or twenty times a day so that can be over 100 updates some days. I think I’m going to pick 5-10 at random every day and clear the rest.


  2. I have a serious case of bunny love for the floppy eared one…Beautiful bunnies.

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    1. That’s Katie my marmalade princess 🙂 Someone left her in a box outside my vets so I adopted her.

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