SCIENCE! Video issues and stupid internet connection.

Bleurgh I’m feeling under the weather. I’ve waited all day for painkillers to kick in. Obviously they didn’t.
I’m editing my next book ready to send to the publishers (so they can probably send it back with more edits but y’know, I respect the process), I’m trying to keep my Youtube channel alive and get my Science channel up and running, and my camera battery is refusing to play ball (because it’s a cuboid. They don’t roll so good), I’ve got the school run in a minute and OMFG I just want to crawl into bed and whimper quietly to myself.

The worst problem?  My upload speed is 0.2Mbps (Thanks Internet Company) and so it has taken 6 hours for it to upload a video which, when it uploaded, was so shockingly bad quality that I had to delete it straight away because it was supposed to be high definition.  I started again about 2 hours ago, it’s uploaded less than 30 seconds of video so far and it reckons over 5 hours remaining (and this is a 5 minute video, which should take less than 30 mins to upload by my usual weekly upload experience).  So I don’t have a video for science friday yet and probably won’t have one before it’s “Internet Connection Reset: Couldn’t upload to Youtube, please try again” Saturday.  That has happened before and it’s all just infuriating.

Here’s a screenshot:

...And then the internet took several minutes to upload this tiny picture. FML.
…And then the internet took several minutes to upload this tiny picture. FML.

That probably means this post won’t go up very soon either.

Between nothing loading on my internet and my shitty day in general I’m afraid I haven’t been able to catch up on anyone else’s blogs either. 😦  Imma go crawl in a hole nao.


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  1. Apologies if you crawl into that hole and find me already there and snarling. It’s my honey badger genes.

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    1. Them honey badgers, sounding cute, then eating cobras and such… We had an in-joke about honey badgers at one of the archaeological sites I worked on, every time anything went wrong or we heard a weird animal noise, we blamed the honey badger. It became a bit of a legend that the site had a honey badger lurking around, that had escaped from the nearest zoo (which was 150 miles away), stolen a car and specifically sought our dig out to break tools and drink our tea and such.


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