Not in the mood…

It’s the last saturday of half term, I’ve got five rabbits cowering in my living room and kitchen, terrified of the fireworks next door are throwing over the fence.

Someone needs to educate them on public holidays:

Halloween:  Shut the fuck up by 11pm.

Bonfire Night:  Light things on fire, then shut the fuck up by 11pm.

Sundays:  Shut the fuck up ALL DAY.

Thursdays: Shut the fuck up ALL DAY.

Any other day:  Shut the fuck up.

In case anyone is as brain dead as the neighbors, it is NEVER appropriate to throw fireworks at animals or people.

This happened in the cafeteria at a school I worked at:

Girl hurt in firework attack

Why are people so fucking stupid???

I have a migraine so bad I’ve tried to pull my own nose off and noise patrol said at 11:30pm that it was “too early” for this to constitute a noise nuisance.  Bullshit.  They just pick and choose which noise laws they want to follow.

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