We got a new rabbit to replace Katie, her name is Poppy.

She and Fifer seemed to bond well and we kept them together since we adopted her on Wednesday, after we first visited her on Tuesday (edit: got days wrong).  They’d had two dates at the adoption place and he seemed to warm to her.  It was going so well that we put them both in Fifer’s hutch.

He chased her out because it still smelled of Katie.

So we sorted them out with the spare hutch and put them in the kitchen.  They were back to getting along until yesterday.

Then we put them out in the run again and I thought at first that they were running and playing, but it turned out they were fighting (in a weird, running around kinda way, not the usual scrappy kind of way).

We brought them in and they were fine again.

Then, yesterday morning, RIGHT as we both had to leave for work, they started fighting in the hutch.

We separated them quickly, but put them back together in the run in the evening.  My dearest came to bring them in and Poppy was sitting out in the rain looking sad, Fifer was in his house, he had chased her away.  There was rabbit fur everywhere, and in the darkness my husband assumed this was her fur.  She had a bite on her nose.  I found out this morning, when I went to check on Fifer, that what actually happend was that she viciously attacked Fifer (but we thought he’d attacked her because she’s the one who needs veterinary treatment) and literally torn half his fur out.  He also has a (less severe) bite on his nose.  I put them both in the garden this morning to see how they reacted to each other’s presence.  She kept running towards Fifer and he kept running away then changing his mind and standing his ground.  He chased her away from him, then he ran off and hid from her.  He doesn’t want to know her at all any more, so she’s got to go back to the adoption place.  ARRRGH.  I’ve never had a failed adoption before, it’s really heartbreaking because she’s a lovely rabbit, and I know he’s a difficult one, but ultimately she’s too attacky to be able to live with him and if she’s too attacky for Fifer, I sure as hell aren’t letting her near my other buns.  The week’s just gone from sad to worse in under 24 hours.

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    1. Thanks. I’ve spoken to the adoption place, they were very understanding, and they said I can take her back at 2pm.

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  1. I think I am that aggressive but nice bunny no one can keep around other pets. Do they do international adoption? I may have found my spiritual counterpart.
    Good luck to you guys.

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    1. I didn’t take her back. There was a last minute change of circumstances – I was boxing her up when she escaped and ran into Banacek’s territory. I thought he was going to tear her to pieces but he just made his “you’re my new friend” noise. So I cancelled the return and put Poppy, Banacek and Cleo in the shower together earlier. Cleo licked Poppy’s nose. We may possibly have a trio on our hands (this is new territory for me) although I could never leave Poppy and Cleo alone so Poppy’s living in the kitchen for the time being. Fifer’s still a bit terrified, every time I go near him he runs away in case I’m trying to take him back to Poppy. Poor Fifer. Banacek seems to have 2 girlfriends and Fifer has no girlfriends now. 😦 (but great news for Poppy).

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      1. Bunny threesomes sound way cuter than people threesomes.

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        1. Yes they do! They’ve met again and are still getting on so we might have found a perfect match. I didn’t want another rabbit running round the house but I was heartbroken to have to return Poppy.

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  2. Oh no!!! That is such a shame it didn’t work out how you had hoped, but fingers crossed with Poppy making friends with Banacek and Cleo, that would be an unexpected bonus. Hopefully everything will work out for the best. How many bunnies do you have?

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    1. Thanks, they’ve met twice more since I updated – Banacek seems to really like Poppy a lot, but Poppy seems a bit scared of him; Cleo licked Poppy’s nose where Fifer had bitten it, so I think she likes her too. I have 5 in total, Banacek, Cleo, Poppy (new), Fifer and Sebastian. 🙂

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      1. I love bunnies, they are so lovely, sweet and cuddly. My friend had a giant rabbit once, it was MASSIVE and white with red eyes, we would walk it on a harness and it was the funniest thing to witness.

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