Am driving to Edinburgh today to collect my father’s personal effects.  Last night was Motley Crue and Alice Cooper (5 hours driving on the motorway, SO worth it).  I will write it (and Bob Dylan) up when I get back.  Edinburgh’s a 9-10 hour round trip in reasonable traffic.

The roads are pretty foggy.  I don’t want to be on motorways in this weather.  I think it’s easier to drive in fog at night when the daylight doesn’t obscure the headlights.  Ick.

I want to be at home with my bunnies and my tea.


One response to “Fog”

  1. Oh wow, amazing, so jealous – I hope you had an amazing time. I love Alice Cooper!

    I hate motorway driving in those conditions too, just take it easy and I hope your journey goes quickly.

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