In Pictures: York Floods Monday 28th December 2015

So I went out a little earlier today and found some even better pictures of the floods.

York floods inventive boat made of oil drums 2015 paddled with shovels spades shopping.
These two lads made this boat out of oil drums lashed together, and they are paddling with garden shovels and are on their way to the supermarket.
York floods inventive boat made of oil drums 2015 paddled with shovels spades shopping.
Another good picture of the boat made of oil drums.
York floods 2015 rescue team in action checking safety flooded underwater disaster pictures
Across the road, a rescue team is going door to door. Phone lines are down across the city, so elderly people are particularly vulnerable.
York floods 2015 rescue team in action checking safety flooded underwater disaster pictures
A much better, more in focus picture of the heroic rescuers, although this one makes it look like they’re on dry land rather than wading through 2 feet of water. They are dragging a boat around with them but I was struggling to get a good shot as I was about 100 feet away and my zoom lens was extended as far as it would go.
York 2015 floods people affected trolley baby possessions.
These people found an abandoned shopping trolley on the street and put their baby and possessions in it before walking past this trolley park of distinctly different trolleys. Still the family looks pretty happy. I guess you would if you spent ages walking around holding stuff then found a trolley.
York historic building damage rowntree wharf floods 2015
Rowntree Wharf, a historic 19th Century building, is underwater and the road has become a river.
York historic building damage York walls floods 2015
The water has travelled higher than the eathen mounds, which are remains of the Roman walls, and has reached York’s Medieval City Walls in places.
York historic building Red Tower damage York historic building floods 2015
This old building, called ‘Red Tower’ was built in 1490, and marks the end of the walls on this side of the city.

After yesterday’s trip around town, I was left worried about the rabbits in pets at home on Foss Islands Road because, while the water hadn’t reached them, it had cut off the whole shopping area from being accessed.
Today, I am pleased to report that the rabbits are all safe and snuggled, some brave members of staff went to Pets at Home today and opened up the shop, and I have photos showing they’re all warm and dry and well-fed:

pets at home safe buns york floods
The bunnies at Pets at Home are being looked after by staff members who braved the floods to ensure the pets all got fed.
york floods 2015 rabbits pets affected
The bunnies at Pets at Home look happy and relaxed in their warm, dry housing, thanks to the amazing effort staff made to travel to and open the store today.
York floods 2015 expensive looking car underwater
In other news, a very expensive looking car with the back window left open for some reason. I hope the council don’t enforce parking tickets until the waters recede.

9 responses to “In Pictures: York Floods Monday 28th December 2015”

  1. Sorry for the circumstance, but the pics are great shots! So glad bunnies were okay. πŸ™‚ G-uno

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    1. Thanks it’s been very interesting going round looking at it all but you’re right it’s very sad at the same time. I was SO relieved to find out the bunnies at the pet shop were ok – I lost sleep over them last night I was so worried. Did you see the Sunday photos? (I forgot to link from this post) My favourites are always the submerged car shots but I can’t help feeling sorry for them.

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      1. Nothing more intriguing than captured moments. I didn’t see the others I will make it a point to check them out.

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    1. Everyone’s blaming climate change like we never had freak weather before people discovered global warming.
      Although given that there’s another Name-strength storm on the way tomorrow (strong enough to be given a name), I am considering emigrating.

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      1. It will amuse the fuck out of me if British storms keep getting such limp wristed names though.

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  2. Yay for the bunnies. I love them. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’–

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    1. I was so glad they were safe.


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