Banacek bunny died at 8am 2nd Jan 2016

Very sad times; we are struggling to even comprehend how this happened.  Cleo is doing her best to make sure he gets a good send-off, we will have his funeral tomorrow in the garden unless it’s too flooded.  This is pretty much all I have to say about it:

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  1. No platitudes or words of comfort and wisdom here…Just empathy to the nth degree. I am so very sorry for you both and the other bunnies…Losing a family member is agonizing. My, Spook’s, and our kitties’ thoughts are with you at this tough time time. ❤

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    • Thank you. Banacek was our first rabbit, and the only one we got as a baby bunny, it seems so unfair that he’s died age 3 and his girlfriend’s alive at nearly 11 years of age.

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