Banacek bunny died at 8am 2nd Jan 2016

Very sad times; we are struggling to even comprehend how this happened.  Cleo is doing her best to make sure he gets a good send-off, we will have his funeral tomorrow in the garden unless it’s too flooded.  This is pretty much all I have to say about it:

Author: Torie Adams

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12 thoughts on “Banacek bunny died at 8am 2nd Jan 2016”

  1. No platitudes or words of comfort and wisdom here…Just empathy to the nth degree. I am so very sorry for you both and the other bunnies…Losing a family member is agonizing. My, Spook’s, and our kitties’ thoughts are with you at this tough time time. ❤

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    1. Thank you. Banacek was our first rabbit, and the only one we got as a baby bunny, it seems so unfair that he’s died age 3 and his girlfriend’s alive at nearly 11 years of age.

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    1. Thanks. We buried him today; we’re considering building a pyramid over his grave with house bricks. I keep waiting to hear him run down the stairs and bound into the living room.

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      1. He should have made it to the next decade easily. But he would never have lived long enough even if he’d lived to be 50. His girlfriend Cleo is sat under the radiator now because he was twice her size and about as squidgy and fluffy as a polar bear so she’s a bit cold. Not that she wants to sit with us.


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