I got featured in the Rose Chat Podcast!

Remember the article about roses in Aberdeen?

yellow rose
The Yellow Rose of Aberdeen…

Well a very nice chap asked me to read it out for a podcast, so I did, and since then he’s done a lot of work getting it ready and it’s now available to listen to here:

Podcast about the roses in Aberdeen

So, y’know, you could go and listen, or something? 🙂

It’s particularly pertinent today because I’m just getting started on my applications for master’s degrees for the September intake, and I’ve got Robert Gordon University (Aberdeen) and Edinburgh Napier University at the top of my shortlist.


2 responses to “I got featured in the Rose Chat Podcast!”

  1. morgueticiaatoms Avatar

    Yellow raises are my absolute favorite.I equate them with friendship, loyalty, peace. In fact, the rose bush I have outside was supposed to be yellow. Who knew having it fertilized by ten various stray cats and their ph balance would turn the roses hot pink…

    Congrats on your accomplishment.
    I am still waiting for you to come vacation here and help me turn that fridge box into a castle for my spawn 😉

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    1. Hmm we had a beautiful yellow rose bush in our front garden but it turned pink, I never thought it might be the neighborhood cats. It’s sort of half dead now, don’t know what happened. It came with the house. The only thing I successfully grew this year was potatoes. Must be the Irish half of me. I would LOVE to visit America someday I’ve just never been able to afford it. If I ever get enough money, I’m coming over there and we’re building the damn castle one way or another!


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