Cute baby bunny Timmy plays with ball.

My latest Youtube video is here and I also need some photography advice.

Petit bébé lapin “Timmy” joue avec le ballon.

Piccolo coniglietto “Timmy” gioca con la palla.

Whichever language you speak, it’s freaking adorable (also I feel so proud I translated the title and description into French and Italian for Youtube)!  Enjoy cute bunny video (sorry about the wobble):

By the way (and this is why I tagged photography, sorry if that’s going to annoy people I promise I don’t usually do this), does anyone have any tips for photographing fast moving objects that startle if you move too close??  Any tips at all even if they seem obvious?  I find it hard to get my focus etc sorted before the rabbit moves again and he’s so movable!  And when he moves, the light levels change from where he was to where he is, and then I need to change all the settings on my camera by which time he’s moved again!  What do other people do?

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  1. The only way that could have been cuter is if Timmy had been wearing his green anti baby making onesie.

    Too much cute, overdosing.

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    1. He is the cutest! We got him neutered on Monday which is good because he kept taking his onesie off and chewing holes in it!! He’s turned into a proper teenager now cos he spends most of his time upstairs in his room under an armchair where we can’t see him, snuggled up to his girlfriend. They just come down for food then they’re gone again. It’s great when they stay down for a bit and we get to see them playing.

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      1. Damn, I thought maybe they had those onesies for cats but since I can
        t get my cats to not chew off a collar I guess it’d be pointless.

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        1. LOL the Chew Proof Onesie… that’s what they all need. Like the stab proof vests that the police have. Maybe they could make it out of the same stuff as Australia’s rabbit proof fence.

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          1. If Kevlar can hold back bullets, it should be able to stand up to tiny little teeth and um, reproductive swimmers.

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  2. Hi! For photography tips, I’m guessing you’re talking about digital camera settings, so I’ll comment based on that. Have you set your camera’s ISO to a high ISO? I forget what ISO means in photography terms, but I learned in my college photography classes that a higher ISO gets better detail during fast movement, so if you were going to photograph a sports team, a dance performance, or fast-moving bunnies, you would be able to catch the movement better with a higher ISO.

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    1. Thanks, I usually set the ISO to the lowest setting so it doesn’t produce too much background “noise” in outdoor landscape pics with good natural lighting, it never occurred that the ISO might do something different for movement, but of course it will! Because you can speed up the shutter speed with a higher ISO which means it’ll take the photo in a smaller fraction of a second so will have more definition. Can’t believe I didn’t think of that!! Would you just leave it on Autofocus to capture it without having to try and refocus each time the subject moves?


  3. I might have done a bad job at explaining something that’s not in my sphere of expertise, but I found a blog post that explains it, from a person who is actually a professional (unlike me). Here’s the link, if you’re interested.

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    1. No, it’s fine, I got it. 🙂 I’ve got a pretty good grasp of the basics with my DSLR, so it all made perfect sense! I already do some professional photography so I know what ISO is, it’s just a case that sometimes the answer is the most obvious thing in front of you haha! I was trying to work out how to focus the camera faster and it didn’t occur that I could solve the problem by using a faster shutter speed (needing a higher ISO) which would reduce the chance of returning an out of focus picture.

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