Haul! + First Impressions!

This is a Haul and First Impressions video of my MAC, L’Oreal and Collection make-up shopping trip last week, with some exciting new cosmetics including the MAC pro-longwear concealer and the Collection highlighter.  I did upload this last night but decided to take it down, re-do a couple of the swatches, then put it back up again, so it’s just gone live on Youtube!  I’d love if you right-clicked and watched it over there so it counted towards my stats (they don’t count embedded views on the Youtube stat counter, WTF), but more than that, I’d love if you watched it!


Author: Torie Adams

I am a thirtysomething travel writer, lifestyle blogger, photographer, and USA Today bestselling author in Ireland, aka Mama Adventure. As a writer, I have written articles that are published in Offbeat Bride and on Buzzfeed, and as a photographer, I have taken photographs that are published in local and national news outlets in the UK. I have a blog at www.mamaadventure.com Twitter: @mamaadventurez

3 thoughts on “Haul! + First Impressions!”

  1. Just watched your YouTube video (actually on YouTube) and decided to FINALLY make a google account lol. So, you are currently the only person I am subscribed to lol! I am your new #1 fan haha.

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    1. Wow I’m amazed lol. There are loads of great channels on Youtube (like, a million times better than mine) but I was regularly watching videos for about a year before I got a google plus so I could like/comment/subscribe. There’s so many social media places to keep track of now!
      My task for the week is to sign up for Instagram.

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