Morticia Addams Cosplay Make Up Tutorial

It’s finally here – the Morticia Addams make-up cosplay tutorial! I have done original Morticia as played by Carolyn Jones in the 1960s, rather than Anjelica Huston, as I am more comfortable with this incarnation of Morticia and for me personally, Carolyn Jones will always be the definitive Morticia Addams because I saw the TV series before I ever saw the films.

I wish I’d had some carnivorous plants in the background but I don’t currently have any. I’d like to say that they ate each other but in reality, one of my rabbits ate the carnivorous plants. Score 1 for bunnies not being as soft and fluffy as everyone thinks.

Here’s the video (it starts off in Black and White, then progresses to colour before returning to black and white).

And here’s some pictures:

Morticia Addams Carolyn Jones Tutorial The Addams Family
The original title card that wouldn’t load onto the video of the Morticia Addams tutorial.
Morticia Addams Carolyn Jones Tutorial The Addams Family
Did I remember to feed the lion?
Morticia Addams Carolyn Jones Tutorial The Addams Family
Now I remember! I did feed the lion. There was some leftover swamp monster in the refrigerator!

If you want to find out more about Carolyn Jones, the actress who played Morticia, there’s an excellent documentary from the Biography channel available on Youtube.  I’ve linked it from my tutorial.

10 responses to “Morticia Addams Cosplay Make Up Tutorial”

      • Before I bought the white extensions for my costume a couple years ago, I used white cream make up (Manic Panic) to streak my hair. Not ideal, but it works as long as you avoid rain 😉

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      • I’ll have to test a sample on my wig and see how it turns out. Otherwise clip in extensions maybe. Is that what you use or do you use the glue in ones (glue + hair scares me)? How do you hide the top part or does it just blend in?

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      • I tried the glue, did not like it. It’s not too hard to tuck the clips into the hair so they blend, provided the clips fold flat against the head.

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