Makeup Skills: Choosing the Right Foundation Colour For Your Skin!

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One question keeps coming up over and over on forums, Youtube videos, on Quora and Reddit, and that’s ‘how do I choose the right colour of foundation?’ To help answer that (it’s a bigger question than it looks), I put this video together looking at basic and more advanced areas of this all-important skill. It’s not exhaustive and of course some makeup brands are notorious for not having shades that suit anyone who isn’t orange, but I thought it might be a helpful starting point for those people who are baffled by undertones, shades, whether to get a powder or a liquid, what a mineral foundation is, how to apply it etc, and how to tell if the foundation’s wrong for your face.

If you’re still not sure, it might be worth getting matched at a (good) makeup counter.

What I haven’t covered: Blending into the neck, BB creams, tinted moisturizers and setting powders. These sort of fall into place though once you know how to choose the right foundation shade.

One thing to add, is that in the debate over whether to go for the opposite undertone to your skin or one that matches your skin, I match my skin. I also use different shades of foundation for everyday makeup depending on the time of year.

I hope this helps someone, and any questions let me know in the comments here or on Youtube.


3 responses to “Makeup Skills: Choosing the Right Foundation Colour For Your Skin!”

  1. That was really helpfully I didn’t know that it was best to test foundation on your inner arm. Have you noticed though the lightings always really strange in shops, you can sometimes buy a colour that seems like it would be a perfect match and when you use it in normal lighting it’s completely different x

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    1. Yep that’s great advice! I put the Rimmel Illuminating BB cream on my arm last week and it looked great in the shop then when I got home I found out it was so full of “light reflecting particles” it was making me sparkle like a Twilight vampire LMAO! I hate that for an everyday look.

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      1. Lol I know it’s so deceptive x

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