UN-favorites: Make-up decluttering and special visitor

So this week’s video is of all my UNfavorites, as I clear out my make up drawer of products from the last couple of years that haven’t been bad enough to bin straight away, but haven’t really wowed me in any way either.  There is a special visit from a special visitor about halfway through (clue: He’s orange and really, REALLY cute).  Enjoy:


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  1. morgueticiaatoms Avatar

    Awww….Timmy is a natural beauty, no products needed!

    I’ve given up on make up. Every time I find something I truly love, they discontinue it. Loreal Dualite powder, Avon Big Color Eye Pencil (Night Glisten), Maybelline mousse foundation, Revlon Velvet Touch lipstick…All gone. Suckage.
    Only Avon product left I truly like is Super Shock mascara and I can’t even get hold of the saleslady anymore.
    Makes me grateful for dollar stores and their facsimiles of products. Least I have something I can tolerate.
    “Discontinued” should be a dirty word.

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    1. This! My favourite £1.99 lipstick got discontinued last year and the closest I can find is £26, WTF! Those Big Colour eye pencils were fabulous, I wish I knew where mine went – I had about three from when I was an Avon lady, but I can only find the Cocoa Gleam one. I won’t buy Avon off their website though and it’d be too embarrassing to see the other ladies in my area again, since I did that thing where I just stopped talking to the manager (except to tell her I quit) after she wouldn’t help me with a major Avon problem. What gets me most is when they stop selling something that’s ridiculously popular. That Maybelline concealer that everyone raves about seems to be being discontinued; I had to search everywhere for one.

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  2. Love this! I have nominated you for a Liebster Award. The post will be up later today!

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    1. Aww thanks, that’s very considerate, but I had two last month (and then got nominated for a third) so I’m very sorry but I’m not accepting any more Liebsters. Look forward to seeing other people’s posts though! 🙂


      1. No problem! I completely understand.

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