I lost my password!!!

So my old laptop was being held together by Sellotape (colourless, sticky on one side, plastic on the other) for quite a while, after it fell in half a few months ago, and towards the end of last week, my Dearest got an amazing four figure tax refund, and since my income all comes from the internet, I got to choose a laptop from the second hand shop.  It has a mouse pad that works properly and all the keys on the keyboard press down (well, the letter P is a bit sticky but is still works most of the time).

In the process of transferring everything to my new laptop, I of course had to re-type all my passwords, so Chrome could save them.  WordPress would not accept this.  I checked and re-checked (using “show password” on my old laptop), and the new laptop just wouldn’t login to WordPress.  When I tried to reset my password, it refused to accept the correct email address.  Twice.

Then, after several days, as suddenly as it stopped working, it just let me reset the password as if nothing had ever happened.

It was most peculiar.

By the time I got logged in again just now, I completely forgot what I had wanted to write about on Friday.

But when I remember, I’ll write about it.

How have you been?


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  1. Ann @Ann Edwards Photography Avatar
    Ann @Ann Edwards Photography

    technology is great, until it doesn’t work!

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  2. morgueticiaatoms Avatar

    If the keyboard gives too much trouble, it’s really affordable and simple to replace them. I go through about three a year on my laptops, buy replacements on line, and R swaps them out for me. Just a thought.

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    1. That’s good to know in case the keyboard goes on this new one. On the old one, it was just so many things that had gone wrong! It was the clicky buttons on the mouse pad, the on button (apparently ACERs are common for having a problem where the computer thinks it’s on and off at the same time, I call it the black screen of death because it’s sorta like the blue screen but with nothing on it lol) and a load of keys on the keyboard (you know, you hammer them, they press themselves 10 times, then you tap them, nothing happens) that had gone, and since it had already fallen in half and been pulled back together with sellotape (and the processor has refused to let me render videos whilst I’m editing for a while, and the hard drive is full, and the RAM won’t run newer games, and the battery life has gone to shit), and since I’d bought it 4 years ago and it was 4 years old at the time, I wrote it off as a bad job and went for a different brand of 2nd hand laptop. The old one didn’t even have the minimum specs to install half the stuff I wanted on it!!

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