Getting back on the horse

I took a longer break than I wanted. It’s taken me a couple of weeks to process recent events, and I needed to re-engage with the wider world before I came back to my blog.

I am going to pre-schedule a series of posts, one a week, covering reviews of stuff I’ve tried lately because I’ve been taking photos religiously but I couldn’t face writing articles about them. There’s been a few reasons for that but I don’t want to go into great detail, except to say I’m being harassed by someone who knows me personally and every time I post anything on here, they contact me privately to tear me to pieces. I don’t want to change my private contact details as it’s the only contact information some of my family have.

This harassment is one of the reasons I’m not telling you all which country I’m emigrating to, and it’s also the main reason I haven’t shared any of my bestselling romance or erotica books with you all. Hopefully, once I’ve gotten back into the habit of writing regular posts it’ll get easier again. Otherwise, I’m going to have to seriously consider the future of this blog because I can’t keep self-censoring in fear of retribution from someone.

I’m pretty sure there’ll be a backlash from the person in question because I’ve written this. Honestly, I think some people have far too much time on their hands.



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  1. morgueticiaatoms Avatar

    Meh, trolls, random or personal, net trolls are just people with too much spare time and insecurity issues. Yeah, it gets you down, but i posted years ago and my sister felt insulted and went ballistic then the entire family followed suit…Suckage….
    I like your posts/reviews so I really hope you don’t let a naysayer mess that up. I mean, I am still dying to know how that face mask tastes and exactly what eyelash curler is superior.

    And while you while I know you are super busy…Maybe at some point you could explain the self publishing thing to me. The ‘for dummies’ preferably. At this point, I will write about foot porn if it mean getting my kid more healthy food.

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    1. Thanks. It’s someone I know IRL and they’re being a real creepy stalker in a “this is what I want to do to you… you can’t write about this thing online… I know where you live and keep trying to post it on your blog comments” kinda way. But, no evidence. And of course, if you do any work in anything that even sounds like the sex trade, the police automatically think unwanted harassment is your fault. So… bleurgh. But very glad I keep my two online presences (mostly) separate. I’ll try to put together a “how to” guide for self publishing erotica (I’ve only successfully done it the once, and I didn’t make a whole heap of money out of it… usually I prefer to go via the indie publisher route with long-form erotic romance, but that one time that I did it, I hit number 1 in lesbian erotica and got into the top 10 in erotica overall, and made $30; so I know *how* to do it, and if you wanted a cover design I’m not an expert, but I could do you one for free because I’ve been doing a lot of graphic stuff lately). What sells in erotica is usually M/F lite-BDSM alpha male submissive female (bonus points if she’s feisty). Or M/F/F where a guy watches two women do stuff. Shifter erotica seems big atm, too. 10-20,000 words is about perfect length. Here is where you can do market research (the links down the left are subcategories, which have a “paid” and “free” tab at the top) to see what’s hot in erotica, to pick what to write:


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