In Pictures: Shanghai, China

So I went to Shanghai a few weeks ago, during the mid-Autumn festival, and here are some of the pictures:

shanghai old town2
Shanghai Old Town

shanghai old town1


Shanghai river bank

spiral escalator before this one in a Shanghai shopping mall
Are these common outside of Europe? I’d never seen a spiral escalator before this one in a Shanghai shopping mall.
Shanghai river bank3
A literal wall of flowers in Shanghai near the river and bund.

Overall, it was a lovely city, but if you weren’t coming to China to see some other things as well (or at least coming to this corner of the world to visit other nearby countries) I’m not sure it’s worth the time and expense to come only to Shanghai from the US or Europe as a tourist. Definitely a lovely place to go if you’re already within a thousand miles or so, though, and the shopping here is fabulous. There are so many markets and shopping malls that you’re sure to find some nice things while you’re here!

Shanghai also has a recently-opened Disneyland. If/when I get the time/opportunity to go there, I will show you what that’s like, too.


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  1. morgueticiaatoms Avatar

    Great to hear from you again, I am sure you have been super busy, we missed you. I’ll not be eating pigeon, ever, not knowingly anyway…but the architecture there is so beautiful..The staes, UK, Canada, even Italy and France- pretty but without cultural quirk. I love the quirk of Asian design for their buildings. To them it isn’t always merely design, it’s part of their identity and beliefs and I find that beautiful.

    Hope you and your paramour are well and enjoying your new surroundings. ❤

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    1. LOL that pigeon was so good though.


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