Top 10 Hello Kitty gadgets for adults on Amazon

I’m a huge Hello Kitty fan. I have so much Hello Kitty stuff.

Her real name is Kitty, not Hello Kitty. She is also from London, like me. And we met in China. I didn’t really get the whole Hello Kitty thing until we moved to China. Now my life is full of Kitty. I miss the amount of Hello Kitty stuff we could get in China. Then I found out there was loads on US Amazon — which ships to the UK and Ireland. Happy Kitty. So here are my top 10 Hello Kitty finds on Amazon:

10. The Hello Kitty cutlery set, featuring a pair of chopsticks, a fork and a spoon. Everyone in China and Japan has one of these sets for when they are out and about, and I love this Hello Kitty one. Note there’s no knife, and the fork and spoon are small, so it’s perfect for kids or to pop in your purse.

9. These cute Hello Kitty socks. I love these, there are several different options but I like the ones that come up past my ankles, so I don’t get cold on those winter walks that have become the only time I go out this year.

8. The Hello Kitty table lamp. When you want everyone who comes into your home to know how much you love Hello Kitty, this should be sat casually on a side table near the TV, where all your friends will see it.

7. A Hello Kitty humidifier. Because the air-conditioning messes up her fur, don’tcha know.

6. Super-soft full-size Hello Kitty blanket. I have two of these. They are huge. One is on our king-size bed and fits perfectly.

5. Hello Kitty Schick Razors. Because who knows hair removal better than a talking cat?

4. For a decadent breakfast, the Hello Kitty toaster. It puts Kitty on your toast, for mornings when you can’t get up without saying Hello, Kitty! For lunch, there is also the Hello Kitty toasted sandwich maker. This puts a Hello Kitty face into your grilled cheese sandwich! How exciting is that? They will also make your kitchen look SWISH. I can’t say I’ve reviewed these ones, though, because we have different electricity in Ireland to the stuff in America and I’d need a step-up transformer, which I don’t have room for in our tiny house. 😦 A girl can dream, though, can’t she?

3. For a Christmas gift for the Hello Kitty fan in your life *hint hint, husband* these delicate 925 Sterling Silver Hello Kitty earrings are so sweet!

2. Speaking of the winter holidays, these Hello Kitty Holiday Cards are a bit pricey, but you could make your own with some card and Hello Kitty stickers!

1. And if you like stickers, this stick on car decal is gorgeous, I can’t wait for mine to arrive!

Honorable mention has to go to the Hello Kitty Tamagotchi and this cute white apron (although the pink apron seems to have a problem on the graphic as Kitty’s ear has been colored in) which could make you feel super-cute in the kitchen.

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