In Soviet Russia, Trump votes for YOU! 5 hilarious photos from Moscow

Okay, so I’m doing another roundup of funny travel photos today. These ones are photos from a shop in Moscow airport’s departure lounge. You can legit buy all of these things, if you are a raving fan of Putin and Trump. Their special friendship is greatly celebrated in Russia, where Putin is depicted as something of a big hero saving the whole world with his sidekick Donald Trump. I literally couldn’t stop laughing. The Russian sense of humour is almost as dark as the Northern Ireland one.

Doesn’t the mantastic bromance just melt your heart? No, mine neither.

Duck, duck, duck, GOOSE! Or as they call it in Russia, Putin, Putin, Putin, Trump.

Ever wanted a photo of the President of Russia riding a bear in camo on a background of US eagle wings a la the oval office rug? This is definitely one for the conspiracy theorists with all this symbolism! Eh, we all know Putin rides bears every Saturday.

This one, however, doesn’t need symbolism. They’ve gone straight for the superhero and sidekick pose. Forget Batman and Robin, here are Putin and Trump. Now where’s that shark repellant?

Still not sure how Putin sees himself? This James Bond Putin T-shirt should clear it up. It’s extra-extra small.

And of course, for serious collectors of Russian dolls, the family portrait gallery. Lenin. Trump. Gave me the distinctive impression that Putin had recently signed up for an or 123andme DNA test and found ALL the third cousins.

They should have a party. With bears.

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