Dance: Thursday Photo Challenge

Welcome to the Thursday Photo Challenge, a weekly photography challenge for everyone who likes to take photos!

This week’s challenge is dance.

Hand in hand, on the edge of the sand they danced in the light of the moon.

Edward Lear

Dancing is one of my favourite things to do. I never had ballet lessons as a child because my mum thought girls shouldn’t be girly. I miss the childhood I never got, with the princesses and dance shows. I grew up to be an ice skater (amongst many other jobs). Go figure.

I have taught dance and one of the things I loved as an elementary teacher was incorporating dance into my classes’ daily routines. We danced good morning, we danced goodbye at the end of the day. In between, we sometimes all stood up and had a wiggle to get the energy out. Seven-year-olds need to get their energy out sometimes.

So this theme is one I wish I had more photos for. Unfortunately, when I’m dancing, the last thing I can do is take a photo. So I have chosen a photo of feathery ice crystals frozen in their intricate dance, instead.

How does dance inspire you to create a photo?

Anyone can join in! Here’s how to take part:

  1. Take a photo or search your files for one that represents the week’s theme.
  2. Write a post, including your photo, any words of explanation or inspiration you wish to share, and a link to this challenge page.
  3. Comment on this post with a link to your post so others can see your contribution.
  4. That’s it! Super easy.

This challenge will stay open for one week, then next Thursday, I will post the next challenge!

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