A Wiggly Trail, York

Does your child love The Wiggles as much as mine does? If so, here’s a Wiggly treat for you!

Aside from being a very historic city, York was also the filming location for more than a handful of the songs in the TV show Ready, Steady, Wiggle featuring the world’s favourite preschool band, The Wiggles.

We watched a lot of Ready, Steady, Wiggle over lockdown with our baby, and my husband and I thought, wouldn’t it be fun if there was an actual Wiggle Trail that children could follow around the city?

What can I say, we were geeks and now we are parents.

So here is The Wiggle Trail, along with which music videos it was featured in. Click the image to enlarge and right-click should let you download. Or download a printable PDF.

Interactive Google Map

Printable PDF

Song 1: The Propeller

Locations: This video (videos… there are two versions of this one, I’m talking about the one in S1E1) is filmed in York and London. The first scene in York is straight after the bit on the London bus, when they’re in the grass in Tower Gardens, by the River Ouse. It cuts to a moment outside a green garage door that could be anywhere, then they’re back to Tower Gardens, clapping with Clifford’s Tower as a backdrop (hard to spot as the camera’s ISO is quite high to give the picture vivid colours on what looks like a cloudy day). The bit in the street with the tiny drum kit looks like York at a glance, but at another look, the cobblestones are wrong. So basically all the bits on green grass are in Tower Gardens, York.

Song 2: Dancing on the High Seas (it’s Captain Feathersword)

Locations: The yellow wall is down by the river just beyond King’s Snaith. It’s hard to pinpoint because the life rings are no longer where they used to be. My best guess is marked on the map at point X.

Song 3: Everybody’s Here

Locations: Lachy and Dorothy start this song off at a mysterious location that’s almost certainly in the Museum Gardens, around the back of King’s Manor, if the fusion of different centuries of bricks are anything to go by (I may be wrong on this one). Then the video moves on to the River Ouse, where Emma and Captain Feathersword are on a little jetty opposite the Bonding Warehouse. You can see the jetty from the riverside but it belongs to the Red Boat company so you can’t go on it. It’s marked on the map at point [X]. I believe they then move onto a location outside the York Castle Museum. In the last clip, they take one of the Red Boats down the river. You can do this too. Book here.

Location 4: Fruit Salad

Locations: Okay, so this one was never filmed anywhere in York but if you carry on past King’s Staith and up towards High Ousegate (or go down Coppergate but it’s a longer walk) you can find the Marks and Spencer Food Hall (it’s a glorified supermarket) at the bottom of Parliament Street, where you can buy pre-sliced apples or ready-made fruit salads for your little one’s snack time, or if you brought your own snacks, find a spot to stop and eat your own healthy fruit salad (Yummy Yummy).


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