Birthday toys for toddlers! Our favourites

It’s Jellyfish’s second birthday tomorrow, and we are all very excited! The weather might be overcast and a little rainy this week, but since we love the outdoors, we planned some trips anyway. Over the Bank Holiday, while nursery was closed, we took him to two beautiful Donegal beaches at Buncrana and Rossnowlagh.

Jellyfish’s favourite trip was to the playpark at Festival Play Park Buncrana. He especially liked the amount of slides they have. We wrapped up warm and took a little walk down to the sea, which is easy to get to from the play park.

After splashing in the water, we headed back up to the grass beside the main road and got some snacks from the food truck. Jellyfish was overjoyed to get an entire slice of banana cake all to himself (top tip: break bits off for them so they have a hand-sized amount to eat), while my husband and I both enjoyed delicious fresh-cooked bagels.

For the big day, we got him some toys he’s sure to love! There were so many great options available and it was hard to choose, but we didn’t want to overwhelm him with too many things, either. He’s so lucky to be a summer baby and get his choice of outdoor and indoor toys. Here are my top five picks for toddler birthday gifts this summer:

1. The Little Baby Bum Wiggling Wheels on the Bus

Image sourced from Littlewoods

Our toddler’s favourite cartoon is Little Baby Bum, followed by Cocomelon as a close second (they’re identical nonstop nursery rhyme shows), and he already has the singing storybook, so the Wiggling Wheels on the Bus toy is ideal, especially as he’s going through that phase where he only wants to play with toys that have wheels. It’s €21.99 from or £16 from UK Amazon (but don’t forget to add on the new import tax if you’re buying in Ireland).

2. Chicco Next2Stars Light Projector

About to turn two, our toddler isn’t quite settling by himself, yet. This night light projector was recommended to us by his crêche, who have a similar one. It’s better than many of the others because it has a selection of lighting effects (night time projection, soft projection and night light) as well as a range of sounds (melodies, nature sounds and white noise). Even more awesome, this one has a sound sensor which will activate the soothing music if your baby cries! I’m definitely looking forward to this arriving. Available here at for €28.99.

3. Toot-Toot Remote Control Cory Carson

Image sourced from Amazon

This is the newest toy in the Vtech Toot Toot Cory Carson range and I just know our toddler is going to love it! He already has a few of the little talking SmartPoint Vtech Toot Toot Cory Carson cars (which I’ll review separately) and he’s watched the show on Netflix about four times (dear Netflix: More please), along with all the mini-movies they’ve made to accompany the main series. The idea that he can press buttons and make the car move will be a precious moment of discovery and I cannot wait for him to see this.

€29.99 from or £22.99 from UK Amazon (plus import fees).

4. Little Tikes Cosy Coupe

Image source: Amazon

The iconic Little Tikes Cosy Coupe is the worldwide fourth best-selling car of all time (behind three cars for grown-ups), according to Smithsonian Magazine. I remember half my neighbours having these when I was little, and my sister, almost six years younger than me, had one as a toddler, too (I had a BMX). While we’re all obsessed with the latest trends and advances in toys, the Cosy Coupe, first released in 1979, is an evergreen favourite, selling tens of thousands every month!

My toddler’s crêche have a little row of about five of these parked in the play area for the tots to use. I am not actually getting one of these this year, as we live on a hill (disaster) but he adores the ones at his crêche and I would recommend this to anyone who has the space for their little ones to ride around in it, Flintstone-style.

For smaller children, the latest Cosy Coupes have a removable floor so you can push them around instead of them needing to co-ordinate their feet to move it themselves. They are now available in a range of colours and styles, including classic red-and-yellow, dinosaur-style, police car, or pink-and-purple.

You can literally buy these anywhere that sells big toys, such as (€64.99), IE Argos (€65), UK Argos (£55.00), or it’s £49.99 at (but I would recommend buying it from somewhere you can collect from such as Argos, or somewhere with a flat delivery fee, as shipping will be costly on such a big toy). From where I live in Ireland, it’s very easy to click and collect from the UK Argos site.

5. Smoby Be Move Trike

Another top pick for outdoors is the Smoby Be Move Trike which is suitable from 15 months to 3 years. This is a convertible toy that can go from being parent-controlled (with a handle at the back) to being toddler-controlled with the pedals on the front wheel. Grandma and granddad have bought this for our toddler to play with at their house and I just know he’s going to adore it!

Available at for €59.99.

I can’t wait for tomorrow, to see his face when he gets his new toys. At this age, I give him toys one at a time so he has a chance to play with each toy before he opens the next one.

What are your best toddler toy recommendations? Let me know in the comments!

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