Review: Child’s Farm Bath Stuff

My toddler has sensitive skin. Despite most baby products saying “gentle” or “for newborns” they break him out in a rash. I’m now quite skeptical of baby bath products, especially baby shampoo and baby bubbles.

I bought the Child’s Farm stuff on some sort of special offer because it was cheaper than anything else. I have to admit I didn’t believe a single word of the claims on the packaging because, by this point, I’d been burned by every other brand of baby products.

I bought baby bedtime bubbles because we were currently not using any bubbles in Jellyfish’s bath.

I could probably spin this out into a 2000 word article including multiple photos of a bottle of bubble bath from every possible angle, but you could just pick it up in the shop and look at it yourself. The bottom line is, the Child’s Farm Baby Bedtime Bubbles actually worked for our toddler’s sensitive skin and we’ve since switched to their shampoo, nappy cream, and unscented baby wash. The only product of theirs which I don’t like is the baby moisturiser (a different product to the nappy cream which is 10/10 a miracle bottom fixer) because it’s really greasy, doesn’t absorb into baby’s or my skin very well and smells bad.

So even if you have a toddler with super-sensitive skin, there’s a product out there for you, and I recommend looking at the Child’s Farm range which is available in supermarkets and on Amazon UK (that one ships to Ireland as well).

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