What is the hardest nail varnish? China Glaze days 1-3

I am SO tired of my nail varnish cracking from perfectly normal day-to-day activities like taking my baby and toddler to soft play, landscaping my garden, or wrestling our double buggy into the back of our VW Golf. I don’t think any of these are particularly out there and yet every nail varnish I try comes off in big chips within a day or two of putting it on.

I looked online a few years ago and saw that OPI and Essie were the best brands.

Spent a LOT on expensive nail varnishes and I never reviewed any of them because they were frankly crap and didn’t live up to the hype. I then heard about China Glaze but have never been able to afford it. So when I saw some China Glaze in TK Maxx this week I bought it and immediately tried it.

First impressions:

I loved the red glitter, it’s supposed to be a Christmas Sesame Street crossover, but I could wear this anytime as I adore glitter nails.

I put it on and yuck that stuff stinks when it’s wet, but I waited for it to dry and now it doesn’t smell at all. I suspect I’m not used to the smell as it’s possibly made of something different to the other brands of nail polish on the market. Which gave me hope.

I did a medium coat on my thumb, a thick coat on one finger and a thin coat on another finger. The thick coat was too runny so I wiped it off with a tissue.

Day 1:

how long does china glaze last

It’s day three post-application and they currently look like this:

As you can see (remembering that I removed the polish from my second finger) they’re still almost perfect.

I’m going to take photos in the coming days to find out how long it lasts. Stay tuned…

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