Need to import baby formula to the US from Europe? Here’s what to know…

how to import baby formula to US from Europe or UK

The shortage of baby formula in the US is heartbreaking. We’ve plenty in Europe and some places are willing to do international delivery to the US. I’ve been living in Ireland now for almost 18 months and I’ve been doing some research on where to find Europe and UK baby formula that ships to the US. Here’s what you need to know:

First, you will be liable to customs and import charges on your parcel. This is determined by the US and will depend on where you’re shipping from.

Second, you will have to wait for your parcel to arrive. This could take a while. Weigh this up against how likely it is to be able to get formula any time soon in the US. I believe a formula factory shut down so it might be weeks or longer, I don’t know.

This article assumes you can’t breastfeed for whatever reason and is giving advice where breastmilk isn’t an option.

Now the basic facts are out of the way let’s talk formula.

If you’re looking for regular, standard formula from the UK, you want to look at Cow and Gate, Aptamil and SMA. They come in 3 stages.

Stage 1 is 0-6 months. This is intended as a substitute for breastfeeding. There are ready-made or powdered formulas available.

Stage 2 is 6-12 months and is intended to be used as you start weaning your baby.

Stage 3 is toddler milk for age 12-24 months. I believe at that age you can also use cow milk or Alpro Growing Up Milk (which comes in soy or oat and has a similar nutritional profile to cow milk but is vegan).

The three formula brands are largely identical but some babies prefer one to another. Aptamil seems to be marketed toward more sensitive babies but there’s no real difference between them as they all have to meet the same quality and safety standards.

For specialist milk, you’re looking at a different set entirely. If your baby has reflux, Cow and Gate sell reflux milk. Cow and Gate and Aptamil also sell comfort milk which is supposed to be easier for babies to digest e.g. if they’re prone to colic. You can also buy Cow and Gate Carobel powder from most pharmacies

If you have a bigger problem, e.g. CMPA, there’s Cow and Gate Wysoy which is soy-based baby formula. There’s also Similac Alimentum and Nutrimagen, both prescription-only so you would need a prescription issued by a GP registered in the country you’re buying those from to be able to buy them, and you’d need to find a pharmacy that will deliver them to you.

For a milk alternative, there’s also Nanny Care which is available around the world. I’ve even seen this for sale in Malaysia and Thailand. It’s a goat milk formula suitable for babies who struggle with cow milk.

European brands include Hipp Organic, Milupa, Bebivita and Holle

Where to buy UK or European formula that will deliver to the US:

I’ve checked a load of places so you don’t have to. Not delivering baby milk internationally. Delivering some baby milk outside the EU at time of writing. You can search in English and they’ll translate your results for you.

Boots (UK or IE version): Not delivering outside the EU.

Superdrug (UK): Not delivering outside the EU.

Brit Superstore: They have formula and are ready to ship it to the US for you! Check this lot out:

British Supermarket: They also have formula and can ship it to the US:

Dutch Expat Shop: Formula straight from the Netherlands to you!

Honestly I think all international baby formula companies should be trying to get formula on the shelves in the US right now but I have no idea what’s stopping that from happening, e.g. maybe it’s the FDA or some other rules.

Do you know of anywhere else shipping baby formula to the US? Share in the comments to help other mamas feed their babies!

This is NOT an affiliate post and I make no money from this one, I just want to help as many people as I can with this information so share it widely. Virtue-signalling “breast is best” comments won’t be published, so if you feel that way, how about chillax and check out my breastmilk facemask instead?

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