New ASD research changes everything

TW: neurodiversity, swearing, other people’s ablism making me mad

A researcher did brain scans and found out:

“…brain scans could not distinguish children who had been diagnosed with ASD from those who had been diagnosed with ADHD or OCD.” (i.e. neurodiversity is visible on scans as “neurodiversity” as a whole)

I certainly know I have a LOT of crossover with my ASD friends (and I tend to gravitate towards you without even knowing haha) but I have an ADHD diagnosis.

What I don’t understand is why they are still talking about “diagnostic criteria” when this research shows we can literally do a yes/no test to find neurodiversity. Wouldn’t it make life easier if they just did a brain scan to reach a diagnosis then everyone got support for their unique manifestation of neurodiversity?

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