A place to find all my hair posts (also check out beauty):

Mohican? Snowhican! Mohawk Tutorial a tutorial showing how to get a mohican… filmed in the snow!
Hair Trends For 2016 my favourite hair trends for 2016.
No-one wants to know the real truth about parabens. A discussion of the megabucks natural beauty industry and how they’re cashing in on the fear of parabens.
All about my silver and white hair I answer questions people ask me a lot about my silver hair (which I had for 6 months) and my white hair (which I’ve had for about a week).
What Do I Use Between The Silver Shampoos?
Bleach London Rose Pink and Blullini Blue Hair Streaks
So You Wrecked Your Hair With Bleach? Here’s How To Fix It
Silver Toning Routine
All About Color Remover
Long Hair Care
The Myth of Dry Shampoo
Silver Shampoo Reviewed
Doctrine of Colours
Bleaching 101

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