Here’s where you can find a complete list of the concerts I’ve been to since I started blogging, and bands I’ve reviewed so far – I don’t generally review recorded music, just live music, as I think anyone can sound good on a recording (and most people do), but the live performance is a completely different animal and sometimes you think you know a band and then you see them play.  The play’s the thing, after all.
The Official Bands Bucket List The list of bands I need to see before they kick the bucket – and how it came about. I’ve decided to keep this at the top of the page for ease of access.

Lynyrd Skynyrd when they came to Manchester in 2015.
Lynyrd Skynyrd when they came to Manchester in 2015.


The Membranes I saw the Membranes in Leeds, March 2016.
Therapy? band I saw Therapy? in Leeds, March 2016.
Bob Dylan concert review London I saw Bob in London at the Albert Hall in October 2015.
Download Festival 2015 Day 3 Part 1: Slash and Billy Idol
Battle Vest What is a battle vest or kutte? What do I think of them?
Steeleye Span Immortalize Terry Pratchett An article about two giant comets who crossed paths, and what it meant to a mere mortal such as myself.
NOFX: My favourite band I was delighted to get to see NOFX, who are currently my favourite-favourite band.
Download 2015 Day 2: Muse, Apocalyptica and Marilyn Manson The second day of Download Festival 2015, I saw Muse, Apocalyptica and Marilyn Manson.
Psychedelic Ghost Photos as The Who Turns 50! I went to Dublin to see The Who, and the photos had unusual results.
Download 2015 Day 1: Slipknot The first day of Download Festival 2015, I saw Slipknot and Judas Priest.
Why I Risked My Job To See Lynyrd Skynyrd in Concert I subsequently lost the job the following week because my dad died. Job security’s for wimps.
Bob Dylan, Dave Gilmour and Apocalyptica An article about three entries on my Bands Bucket List.
The trouble with concert tickets Where I bemoan the difficulties acquiring tickets to see musicians.
Forever Still, An Awesome Band From Denmark An article about a band from Denmark who I had recently discovered.


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