It turns out there’s a few pages on this site that can’t be found because they don’t fit into the usual categories. It also transpires that they’re all complete bollocks-y opinionated crap usually written when I feel strongly about something. A week, a month, a year later, and the apathetic anarchist in me could care less. So this is where things get hot: Hot topics, high emotions, and it’s all entirely my own opinion usually supported by a good helping of profanity and references to external sites. Ever wanted to know how I feel about Fruitarianism? Now is your chance to find out! Thumper’s mama better stay away because I can’t always say somethin’ nice, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to stay quiet!

The Problem With the Male Birth Control Issue

Plane Wreck a review of one week in late September 2016.

My Computer Is An Insomniac a bit of a mystery, really… it appears to have stopped since I updated from original Windows 10 to the 2nd big Windows 10 update.

Things that shouldn’t be hard: seeing a dentist the troubles I had trying to get a dentist.

I’m going back to university! a post about my uni application for an MSc.

An open letter to the BBC about the ludicrous new licencing law. You now need a TV licence to watch iPlayer. I think that’s bollocks, so I write about it.

I lost my password!! chronicling the moment I misplaced my credentials.

It’s all a war on intelligence a discussion of the fact teachers were being rounded up in Turkey and prevented from leaving – and contrasting this with the loss of EU funding for UK universities.

Waiting I was impatient for a bunch of different things to happen.

So I applied my thoughts on applying for an MSc.

A master’s degree dilemma I wasn’t sure which master’s program to apply for!

Fun day at the office (not) a stressful day.

Brexit: You have doomed us all my thoughts on the utter bollocks that is Brexit.

Sorry a discussion about how I was drowning in housework.

A Japanese commercial for Donald Trump it was deliciously hilariously nonsensical, and a discussion of the upcoming (at the time) Brexit vote.

Medical results my thoughts on my recent breast cancer scare.

Fuck Bigotry just fuck that shit. My thoughts on the Orlando shootings.

A dream follows on from the post underneath. This time, shit gets weird.

Breast Cancer (please let it be a) scare A horrible scare with breast cancer.

28 things I learned from being an orphan at 28 my thoughts on how being orphaned in your twenties changes your worldview even if you weren’t on great terms with one or both parents.

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