“A photograph is usually looked at – seldom looked into.”
― Ansel Adams

This is the main page for all my articles in my planned series about photography, which is coming very soon.  I do freelance photography work as a photojournalist, but I am a complete amateur when it comes to artistic pieces (I’m in awe of artistic photographers – particularly landscapers). I use a Canon Eos Rebel T5i DSLR camera as my main camera, and a Fujifilm Finepix-S 28-504mm digital bridge camera as my secondary camera, and as a result my experience with photography may differ from people with different cameras (such as Sony or Nikon, neither of which I’ve ever used)…

[links to all of these articles will be put in as I’ve written/published these articles]
How to choose a DSLR camera Information about where to start with choosing your first DSLR camera and how to decide if a seller is reputable or not.
How to set up a shot
Tripod or no tripod?
How to shoot indoors.
How to shoot outdoors.
Choosing lenses!
Infrared photography.

And you can find some of my best photographs here (weekly photo challenges are further down this page):
Peaceful place a photo from Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada, USA.
Sparkles and Cobwebs photos of sparkling drops of water on cobwebs.
Raindrops on Roses
Photo Challenge: Autumn (wildlife)
Sindelfingen’s Unexpected Medieval Centre (urban landscape)
A Kiss From A Rose In Aberdeen (still life)
The Membranes music gig (live band)
Therapy? music gig (live band)

Articles about my “professional” (mmyeah right) photography experience so far:

Breaking News Again an article about how I was in the right place at the right time… with the wrong camera!
Add Photojournalist to the list of jobs An article about how I signed up to sell my first photos as a freelancer.

Weekly photo challenge and so on:
A photo a week challenge: Footwear
A photo a week challenge: Just for fun
A photo a week challenge: Peaceful place
Chaos: Weekly photo challenge
His naughty little housewife photos of a very naughty little housewife bunny who wants a three way.
Oops button Weekly Photo Challenge: Rare.
First harvest of the summer photos of home-grown foods.
York’s Computer Museum photos of the Jim Austin computer collection
WPC: Partners photos of dandelions.
Pink Snow Weekly photo challenge: Pure
War Memorials for World War I and II Weekly Photo Challenge: Memorials.
Jubilant Weekly Photo Challenge
If you can’t take the bunny to the garden you can always take the garden to the bunny (Weekly photo challenge: Admiration)
Can you believe this isn’t photoshopped? infrared photos!
Weekly photo challenge: Abstract
Dinner Time at Cafe Mango Weekly photo challenge.
Snapshots: The white rabbit this week’s photo challenge was to tell a photo story.

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