These free printables and resources accompany my book Homeschooling 101: How to Homeschool in the UK. Get the book.


Home- schooling workbook

This free workbook is designed to accompany Homeschooling 101: short easy guide to inspire their learning. This workbook will help you put into practice what you’ve learned.

My Nature Journal

Get it here! A printable nature journal sheet for your child to use when learning about the world around them. Print as many copies as you like for each new plant and animal you learn about together!

Printable Lego deck

Get your own free printable 21-card Lego ideas deck. Download here. The full blog post on how to use Lego in homeschooling is here.

More printables

Get weekly free homeschooling printables and articles on how to use them along with a free sample of Homeschooling 101 when you join the Mama Adventure newsletter!

fun stuff

Coloring printables

A printable version of my picture book Little Green Frog on a Log.

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Lego Learning

Everybody wins when the Lego comes out! Here are some educational ideas about how to use it for homeschooling.

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fun stuff

A Wiggly trail, York

Preschoolers will love following this trail in York, UK!

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More coming

More printables added often.

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Out now: Homeschooling 101 How to homeschool in the UK.

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