My New Book: Warrior… Princess… Submissive…

(NSFW) So after yesterday’s terrible day, today just got worse and worse. Apparently these early pregnancy mood-swings feel like being in a mixed episode. For those of you who don’t know what that is like, you should hope you never have to find out. That’s not what today’s post is about, it’s about my latest book; and my first that I’ve published through Amazon Direct Publishing for Kindle. The process was very straightforward.

My newest book is out now on Amazon Kindle (you can download “Kindle For PC” or the mobile phone app if you don’t own a Kindle – I don’t own one either!) it’s titled Warrior…Princess…Submissive… and it’s pretty self explanatory but here’s the blurb (because I spent time writing it):

“When Macedonian fighting female Karis challenges the enigmatic warlord Damien to a swordfight, she’s confident that she’ll win, so she agrees to let him spank her if she loses. When he defeats her, however, she runs out on the promised spanking, overcome with new emotions that she can’t reconcile with her strong personality. Before she can make things right, she’s tricked into surrendering her army to the evil Hector the Invincible, who puts her in his personal harem, threatening to crush her country with his army if she escapes his clutches. Can the hardened warrior woman accept help from a man, and more importantly, can she learn how to willingly exchange the awesome power she wields?
“Set in Ancient Greece, this genre-busting story will explode on your Kindle, breaking all the rules and pushing the boundaries of “spanking romance” – Jasmine Honey Adams has finally done what no-one has dared to do before – take on the challenge of writing a book about a firecracker female character, a real warrior princess, who just so happens to be submissive. There’s also a plot. This book will take a sword and carve its own niche in erotic spanking romance fiction.

“This story is intended for adults and contains adult themes such as BDSM, spanking and swords. If such things offend you, then click the big red “X” in the top right of your browser window!”

If this sort of thing is your cup of tea, then you can buy it here.

If people wrote reviews (even anonymous ones) on Amazon, that would be very very much appreciated!

Basically I was fed up of “strong female” submissive characters being erotic-romance-speak for “argumentative whiny bitches who capitulate at the first sign of pressure.”

The title is based on the Xena: Warrior Princess episode “Warrior…Princess…Tramp…” although in my case the title adjectives are all describing facets of the same character. And, yes, the main character is very loosely based on Xena in spirit although I wouldn’t go so far as to say my story was either a) derivative or b) fanfiction. If it was b) there would DEFINITELY be some lesbian action in there because, let’s face it, Xena is blatantly bi so if you’re looking for fanfic you’ll be disappointed.

I’ve got a sequel that I’m editing, which will be out soon, which focuses on two different characters, and will be more BDSM-heavy than Warrior…Princess…Submissive.