Go outdoors. Climb a mountain. Cross the Bering Strait. Fly over Everest. Walk the Great Wall. Get lost in the Alps. Photograph the Highland night sky. Find Juliet’s balcony. Build an igloo. Find the Loch Ness Monster. Dance in Gangnam.

Come with me…


ultimate travel guide to china mama adventure travel blog travel blogger

Everything you need to know about China.

What to take, and what to leave.

101 things to do in beijing china mama adventure china travel guide

A huge list for every age and budget!

These things are phenomenal!

What it’s REALLY like to teach in China


How to fly over Everest on a tiny budget.

Ms Adventure gets lost in the Alps!

20 Must-climb mountains in Europe

Ben Lomond? More like Ben SNOW-mond!

7 lessons learned from climbing Ben Nevis.

Travel Hacks

If you are walking, climbing or cycling, pick a good map!

Debit card? Travellers’ Cheques? Cash? Chickens?

Do you really need a breathalyser? And other info.

Solo Female Travel

Are your creams getting damaged by plane travel?

photos of Verona ft image mama adventure

Home of Romeo and Juliet.

Blackadder is a place and I went there.

Adventure Travel

All the info about how to do this in one place.

A route-planning article about how to do it.

A mini-adventure to Loch Ness

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