The complete list of all my travel posts, including travel writing about locations, writing about the mechanics of travelling, campervan conversion help (for people who are considering a car camper rather than a huge van or RV), and general car articles, plus the occasional gear reviews and “things to do to make the most of a day off work” posts.  All my music posts can be found by clicking here.

Postcards to my baby: Shanghai’s Old Town The first in a series of 500 word notes about places I visited before my baby was born.
Postcards to my baby: Pattaya The second in the series of 500 word notes about places I visited before my baby was born.
In Pictures: Shanghai, China Some photos from the first time I went to Shanghai, in 2017. Since I lived about 150 miles out from Shanghai, I went a few more times, as well, although mostly to and from the airport.
In China for the Foreseeable A little note from when we first moved to China.
The Village of Blackadder, England which came first, the place or the TV show?
O Fair Verona! Solo Interrail Part 6
The Swiss Apline Route to Verona: Solo Interrail Part 5 The saga continues.
Why I am not going to convert another Citroen Xsara Picasso into a car-camper
Ms Adventure gets Lost in the Alps (solo Interrail part 4) don’t worry; I’m back now!
I found the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland
Is this the most boring postcard in the world? Solo Interrail Part 3 Belgium to Zurich.
Brussels, Belgium: Interrail Solo Part 2 Continuing from Paris By Train (below), I went onwards to Belgium.
My First Solo Travel: Paris by Train Travel bloggers like to make out they arrived on Earth with travel skills fully formed, but as this post shows, that’s not usually the real case. I would imagine that most travel bloggers can relate a similar experience.
Unbelievable German Fairytale Castles Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein castles.
Sindelfingen’s Unexpected Medieval Centre
Pictures of Salzburg, Austria
Kiss From a Rose in Aberdeen
How to drive in Europe a detailed but simple guide about how to drive in Europe, including how to drive in the UK.
7 Lessons Learnt From Climbing Ben Nevis I reflect on what I learned from climbing Britain’s highest mountain.
The Old War Horse A piece about my bicycle.
Wanderlust Wednesday: Iceland I talk about all the things I want to do in Iceland.
Wanderlust Wednesday: Hawaii I really REALLY wanna go to Hawaii!!
Mysteries and Histories of Newgrange, Ireland I went to Newgrange while I was in Ireland.  It was intriguing.
In Pictures: Urban Industrial Decay By The Sea In Aberdeen
 some beautiful pictures of the death of industrial artefacts, of urban decay in Aberdeen.
Climbing Mount Snowdon An account of the time I climbed Mount Snowdon (whilst hypomanic).
Ben Lomond? More like Ben SNOWmond! An account of my ascent of Ben Lomond.
How to get from Russia to Alaska
across the Bering Strait.
Cities I’d LEAST Like to Visit Again
21 tips for writing a bestselling travel article
Travel Money Guide
Nice Pair of Tits, and a Dog Cafe
On The Trail Of The Holy Grail: Doune Castle
In Pictures: The Mercure Barony Castle Hotel, Peebles
Disabled Access In Rome also covers ideal 1-day itinerary and pushchair access.
How to buy a good map part 2: Sheet Maps
How to buy a good map part 1: Road Atlases
International Window Tinting Law For Cars Driving Around The World
Scotland’s Most Unusual Hotels
Car Camper Review: The Citroen Xsara Picasso
Flamingoland Zoo
How Many Pairs of Socks, How Many Panties (to pack)?
Forget Pimp My Ride, How ’bout MOT My Ride
Sindelfingen’s unexpected medieval centre
Walking Gear Haul
The Trouble With Concert Tickets
Ten Things You Should Never Take On Vacation
20 Must Climb Mountains In Europe
How to build an igloo
How To Buy Petrol Abroad
The List of things I HAVE to do before I turn 30
Mirabell Gardens and Palace In Salzburg


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