This is going to link you up with my science articles and videos once I get SCIENCE! Fridays up and running. As a qualified Science teacher with a degree in Archaeology and a conversion into chemistry, I wanted to talk about science because I actually hated science at school and couldn’t wait to stop doing it – and then I became a science teacher! Things sometimes do that! I hated cooking at school too, but ended up working in McDonalds for 2 years so maybe life just loves to give me things I think I hate until I see the value in them. Or maybe subconsciously I do that to myself. It’s entirely possible.

How does protein filler for hair work? A video about protein filler for hair.
Hair science A video on the science of hair coloring (it’s a bit of a simplification but it’s a good model if you don’t know anything about it) and how to get rid of white hair after having platinum for about a year.

Here’s some of my older articles that talk science:
Vitamin K article an article on Vitamin K, the one everyone forgets.
Milk Allergy A full list of all the different types of milk allergy and intolerance, I will add to this list as you tell them to me so let me know if there’s any I missed. There’s SO much more than LACTOSE INTOLERANCE.
How to bleach your hair an instructable about how to bleach your hair.
How does color remover work? Have you ever wanted to know how hair dye and color remover work? Find out here!
The doctrine of colors, or which colors will do what to your hair, this explains why silver shampoo is always purple.


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